My First post with Jekyll

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In this blog i do not have any thing particular to talk about. So it is just an introduction of my new blog built on Jekyll. Since it is Jekyll based, so i've used Travis-CI for building and github for hosting this blog.

As described in About Me, I'm passionate about programming, cloud computing, Entrepreneurship. So that's whyat i'll be writing about.

So just want to say "Hello" and Thank you to take time to read this blog.


ElasticSearch restore failed when s3-gateway is activated

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Hufffff, Unfortunately i met this edge case. I have recovered from this situation. Here’s my scenario.

  • I am on ElasticSearch Version 1.1.0
  • I have two data nodes. One is primary and other is replica.
  • I am taking regular snapshots of my indexes.
  • I am no more taking snapshots, So I have installed s3-gateway plugin to keep updating s3 buckets for persistent indexes.


How to install go-daddy ssl certificate on amazon load balancer

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I was struggling around to install SSL Certificate on ELB. And finally i’ve made that. Following are the steps you need to follow.

Requirements & Prerequisites:

  1. Linux having openssl and apache installed.
  2. Open shell terminal on your Linux Box.