My first freeBSD experience

I am working on linux since 2008. I am extensive user of linux even my development environment is on linux. In linux i like debian based distributions. Ubuntu for is desktop friendlyness and Debian(lenny) for it’s stability. Right now, i am using debian lenny. There was 0 crash on my AMD64. So today i decide to give try to freeBSD.

Environment is little complex. Actually not complex, It seems to me because i am not use to of it. After trying freeBSD server for a day, I just fell in love with it. Quite lite as compare to other linux distributions. You won’t believe. But it took around 3 min to install base system of freeBSD with ssh account. Boot time less than 20 second, Impressive……… . I just figured out, how to install required softwares on freeBSD. There is a word called “ports”, quite common for freeBSD community. I was confuseed with all such terms. But now i am feeling better to use this environment. Anyhow overall freeBSD wins at server level for me at least.