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Decided to move my company on linux (Ubuntu)

UNIX Linux

Finally we move to linux. Not only server but clients also. And believe me it is just an amazing experience. Everyone in our company is just happy with this change. Well it took too long to decide this. Because as a developer point of view, We know windows has calibre to be king on clients. This is obvious, particularly here in India. In our education system, we never see any institute to take linux seriously. Moreover who ever see computer first time in India, That have windows. So such a big windows share is obvious.

We have setup all of our machines with Ubuntu 9.10 32bit. Everything is smooth. All of our team already using open softwares on windows. Like OpenOffice, NetBeans, FF, Opera So that’s why none of us did not feel any difficult for our development environment. I am missing IE8, IE7. So the alternative we used is “Virtual Box” to test our development. This is the only reason we need windows now. :)