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One more vote to symfony + doctrine combination.

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Yesterday i had completed with “askeet” web application on my local server successfully. It was really great experience to work with symfony. Well personally i have experience of ruby on rails, CakePHP, CodeIgniter and now symfony also. Exploring around symfony, I came to know about one more database layer “Doctrine”.

I found excellent comments about doctrine database layer in symfony. And more over for the future release, Doctrine will be bundled with symfony as a default database layer. I thought, it’s better to take a short try and it really amazed me. I just read about “Behaviours” one of the key feature of “Doctrine” and i fell in love with this. Curious about other features to give try. Anyway, here’s a small tutorial to install doctrine 1.0.3 with symfony 1.1.

Browse the document root of your project and type following commands in you bash shell:

$ svn co \
http://svn.symfony-project.com/plugins/sfDoctrinePlugin/branches/1.1 \

It will fetch all required libraries of latest release of “Doctrine” and the version i got today is “Doctrine 1.0.3″. Yes, that’s what i said it will fetch all libraries of current release of “Doctrine”. Thanks to “Jonathan H. Wage” who is maintaining svn branches with current release of “Doctrine” and much more.