Setup “QuantumDB” plugin on eclipse 3.2 for MySQL

QuantumDb is one of the most popular sql browser. It supports different flavor of databases listed below:


QuantumDB depends upon "Graphical Edition Framework(GEF)" plugin. You can see all installation instruction to install GEF


Installation is very simple. just go to “Help >> Software Updates >> Find & install” and put new remote site. URL is "". After download and installation, eclipse will ask for restart and here you done.

MySQL connection:

By default, QuantumDB fresh installation does not include connection library of mysql. You will have to download mysql connector from "". Download zipped file and extract it some where. Now find out mysql connector file “mysql-connector-java-5.1.6-bin.jar” and place it some where at your secure location. Now go to eclipse and add new bookmark. Now click on “Add Driver”. It will open the new dialog box and than add driver’s .jar file. Now click on “Browse” button to select the class name. Select “com.mysql.jdbc.Driver” for class name. that’s it, next it will ask you expected information for your mysql hostname, username etc.